What is a Rural Generalist GP?

As a rural generalist you’re the go-to specialist in rural health care. You’ll provide both comprehensive general practice and emergency care to support the health needs of rural communities. This is a rewarding relationship-based career and the only medical specialty that looks after a whole rural community.

The Western Australian Rural Generalist (WARG) program provides junior doctors with everything they need to start their rural generalism career. The WARG program provides a clearly mapped training journey, on-the-job training, the highest quality mentoring, and outstanding opportunities to develop advanced skills. It’s a tailored, highly personalised, vocational training program.

A rural generalist is a general practitioner operating at the height of their scope. They operate in a rural hospital environment, they do procedures, and they’re able to look after emergencies. They’re immersed in their community; they understand the community and they live as part of it. Ultimately, it is medicine with meaning.”

WAGPET Rural Training Consultant – Dr Chris Buck