The Mid-West/Gascoyne Region

The Mid West and Gascoyne region is an idyllic mix of Australia’s coral coast to the golden outback. From uninterrupted beaches to rich red dirt, rock formations and wildflowers, the Mid West and Gascoyne region is a unique and vast playland. There is plenty to do in the region, here are our top five:

  1. Get off the beaten track and embark on a gold prospecting and fossicking adventure.
  2. Follow the 37-kilometre Tourist Trail leading to Mt Magnet’s town center, travelling through old and new gold mining sites, Warrmboo Hill and ancient granite rock formations.
  3. Take a hike around Mt Augustus National park to visit the geological giant Mount Augustus. Twice the height of Uluru and towering a whopping 715 meters above the surrounding landscape, Mount Augustus is the biggest rock on Earth!
  4. Take a dive, or snorkel in paradise at Ningaloo Reef, the largest fringing coral reef in the world.
  5. Feed the adrenaline junkie within and take part in one of the many watersports that Geraldton has to offer, or keep things mellow with a fishing, diving, or snorkeling charter.

The Mid West and Gascoyne region has a wide array of clinical exposure to the following:

Training facilities 

There are 15 training facilities for you to choose from in the Mid West and Gascoyne region, ranging from GP practices, WACHS Public Health Unit, and Aboriginal Medical Services, to the local hospital. You’ll be well supported by one or more of the 22 rural generalist supervisors in the region, as well as the other 17 other registrars living and working in the region’s major towns. You will also have regular contact with your regional medical educator,  and your program training advisor, Jade Dunning.

By working in a rural area such as the Mid West and Gascoyne, you are eligible to receive the rural support payment. This payment is available to registrars in rural and remote and/or district workforce shortage areas and is designed to help cover some of the costs of training in a rural/remote area. As a rural generalist registrar working in the Mid West and Gascoyne region you can receive anywhere from $1,250 to $20,000 per semester for the duration of your training. This is dependent on your location and term level. To find out more go to our easy-to-use Facility Finder online tool HERE