The Kimberley Region

The Kimberley region, affectionately known as the wilderness frontier, is an ancient landscape covering hundreds of thousands of square kilometres. With ample adventure opportunities from sandy white beaches to majestic canyons, freshwater swimming holes to rugged 4WD tracks, luxury accommodation to outback stations, the Kimberley region has it all.

Whatever type of adventure takes your fancy, here are our top five things to do in the Kimberley region:

  1. Load up the 4WD and take a road trip up the Gibb River Road.
  2. Explore the Kimberley coastline on an array of vessels, from helicopters to cruise liners.
  3. See the ancient domes of Bungle Bungle Range in the Purnululu National Park.
  4. Immerse yourself in Indigenous culture at Cape Leveque.
  5. Float along the Jewel of the Kimberley, Lake Argyle.

The Kimberley has a wide array of clinical exposure to the following:

Training facilities 

There are 13 training facilities for you to choose from in the Kimberley region, ranging from GP practices, Aboriginal Medical Services, and remote clinics, to the local hospital. You’ll be well supported by one or more of the 28 rural generalist supervisors in the region, as well as the other 19 registrars living and working in the region’s major towns. You will also have regular contact with your regional medical educatorand your program training advisor, Tara Delaney.

By working in a rural area such as the Kimberley, you are eligible to receive the rural support payment. This payment is available to registrars in rural and remote and/or district workforce shortage areas and is designed to help cover some of the costs of training in a rural/remote area. As a rural generalist registrar working in the Kimberley region you can receive anywhere from $10,00 to $20,000 per semester for the duration of your training. This is dependent on your location and term level. To find out more go to our easy-to-use Facility Finder online tool HERE