Welcome to the Rural Wrap

Posted on 26th Mar 2020

The WA Rural Generalist (WARG) program is off to a flying start. Under the auspices of WA GP Education and Training (WAGPET) in partnership with WA Country Health Service, this program directly speaks to the need for greater access to quality healthcare across rural and remote WA. We are finalising our training plans with the new 2020 cohort of some 30 identified rural generalist trainees, and in the process discovering that WA has attracted some high calibre candidates this year.

Rural Generalism is fundamental to the provision of high quality care across most of our state. The interface between sub-specialities and general practice is currently referred to as ‘shared care’ in WA. This model allows effective utilisation of resources, care closer to home for patients, high quality holistic services and medical services responsive to community needs. This is a point of difference in the WARG program. It begins with the end game in mind. The patients and communities that our rural generalists serve.

I have been overwhelmed by the support gained within WA’s region for housing and embracing rural generalist training. As the program begins to gain traction, I would like to thank you for your continued support.

We will be sending out quarterly updates, designed to keep you informed of recent changes, events and happenings regarding rural generalist training in WA. We can't wait to share with you the successes and lessons we've learned and experienced as we begin this new venture. If you'd like to receive our updates, contact our team.

Dr Christopher Buck, WAGPET Clinical Director - Rural