Much to be proud of in Bruce Rock

Posted on 24th Mar 2020

In a time when small country towns are dwindling and their future is uncertain, Bruce Rock can proudly boast that they are one of the few that has a resident doctor, dentist and pharmacist all living within the town. Not only that, but our doctor has been here 14+ years and our dentist has been here 13+ years.

Like a lot of country towns in recent times, there has been much soul searching to overcome the drop-in population and a decline in services. As the ever-increasing threat of online shopping has been blamed in some instances and the fact that our children go away to boarding schools earlier. this has all impacted on our communities but it will be the resilient and resourceful towns that make it through.

Bruce Rock has state of the art sporting facilities such as, a 14 rink synthetic bowling rink, a national standard synthetic hockey turf, football oval, synthetic tennis courts, hydro-pool and heated aquatic swimming pool. Much of which would rival our city cousins. Why wouldn’t you want to live here?

The air is clean and the children can still safely ride their bikes to our award-winning district high school. The checkout attendant knows you by name and will even carry your groceries to the car. We foster a village existence where people care about you and where you’ve come from.

It is possible to own your own house and live a very comfortable lifestyle. We have also recently had eight self- contained aged care units (CEACA) built that can be rented or bought.

There are certain incentives available to attract new businesses as well as affordable rent and space for storage. Modern technology has allowed us to use the Internet as the conduit to advertise and sell to a wider market which means you don’t need to be on the city doorstep.

If we can get back to the basics and embrace a simpler life without the fast -paced life of technology, neon lights and apartment living. You might be surprised how life can be easier and more wholesome.

Written by Practice Manager Samantha Aurisch