Launching the WAGPET Alumni

Posted on 26th Mar 2020

We've created an alumni community to help our fellowed GPs to stay connected with the AGPT program, GP peers and WAGPET.

As a fellowed GP, your relationship with WAGPET extends beyond fellowship as there are a myriad of opportunities for you, including: mentoring future registrars, directly contributing to GP training as an ECT visitor or supervisor and partnering with us in promoting general practice as a career. The WAGPET alumni will facilitate and strengthen the bond between fellowed GPs and registrars and will provide an avenue for fellows to maintain contact with the rest of their cohort post-fellowship.

Some of the benefits of being part of the WAGPET alumni include:

  • bi-annual news update
  • annual alumni event
  • chance to engage with fellow alumni
  • access to jobs
  • use your experience and expertise with GP registrars.

If you have questions about the WAGPET Alumni, please get in touch with us.