Introducing your Registrar Liaison Officers (RLOs)

Posted on 9th Jul 2020

You RLO plays an important role in supporting you and other registrars in your region. They do so by providing a pipeline of communication between GP registrars and WAGPET, sitting on the Registrar Advisory Committee (RAC) and working closely with WAGPET program training advisors and regional medical educators to influence the shape of the training program.

Each region has an RLO, here are your RLOs for 2020.2 and 2021.1:

  • Mid East - vacant
  • North West - Dr Laura Buters
  • Perth North - Dr Rosalind Forward
  • Perth North East - Dr Samuel Ognenis
  • Perth South - Dr Hannah Goodchild
  • Perth South East - Dr¬†Anastasia Isakova
  • South West - Dr Maulik Patel
  • Rural Generalist - Dr Anthony Rengel
  • RAC Chair - Dr Erin O'Donnell-Taylor¬†