Is GP for me?

Posted on 17th Apr 2020

Picking your medical specialty is no easy decision. There are an array of options available. So how do you know what’s the right choice for you?

We think general practice is the dream career choice. Our GPs are incredible human beings who are challenged daily, see a diverse presentation of medicine and make a real impact on the community.

We asked a few of our medical educators how they knew GP was for them and this is what they said:

I come from a medical family, where my mother is a GP and my father is a physician. However, I never planned to be a GP. What drew me to GP was my passion for women’s health, from family planning to antenatal care, sexual health to menopause. I enjoy working in the community and building strong connections with my patients over time.

I needed variety. General practice deals with every age, gender, social class and medical presentation. I needed social interaction. General practice lends itself to long-term relationships with patients, families, teams and communities. GP was the right specialty for me.

I knew that I wanted to care for individuals, not just one, but throughout the stages of their lives. I wanted to care for their families, their friends, their community. Not just for one problem, but whatever ails them, minor or serious, physical or psychological.

How about you? What do you want from your medical career?

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