Diverse medical training in WA

Posted on 6th Apr 2020

General practice is a highly diverse and unique discipline that combines rigorous scientific training with relationship-based philosophy, placing it at the very centre of an effective healthcare system.

Don't let the 'general' in 'general practitioner' fool you. GPs are specialists. Like all medical specialists, to be a GP takes an extended period of specialised training. When you train with us, you'll get the real-world experience, insights and knowledge needed to become the best GP you can be.

Undertaking GP training in WA offers you a unique experience of learning from excellent and experienced practising GPs in the beautiful west part of Australia. In your training, you will have the opportunity to work and live in many different parts of the state, from Albany to Port Hedland and everywhere between. You can mould your practice to suit your professional, personal and family needs. There are opportunities to practise independently in a variety of urban and rural areas from admitting your own patients to the local hospital in a rural town to working in a corporate practice in Perth. You can train and develop advanced skills, such as obstetrics and anaesthetics. The ability to practise as a GP obstetrician or anaesthetist is available in urban areas as well as rural areas of WA.

"The coveted work-life balance, the variability in skill sets and knowledge that a GP can tap into and the diversity in patient populations that GPs have access to treating. Having that balance is critical to enjoying our work in healthcare as doctors. As GPs, you choose how you want to practise, to be the kind of doctor you want to be." - Dr Yan Zhuang, WAGPET GP registrar

If you want to know more about this fantastic career, get in touch with our team on 08 9473 8200 or at gpcareers@wagpet.com.au.